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    Michael Cattani

Teaching Professional

Michael was born and raised in California. Growing up he played Baseball, Football, and Basketball. He did not start golfing until he was sixteen and went with his dad on a Saturday to see just how hard hitting a little white ball could be. After missing on my first four swings and my dad laughing harder at each one, I was hooked. Starting later in life I learned how important it was to get good swing advice and to practice what they told you. That process is what made me want to become a teacher. I went through handfuls of instructors who tried to make me swing exactly the way they did or grip the club the same way. That just did not work. I learned through my own struggles that yes, the fundamentals of the golf swing are all the same. How they are applied to you and others differs greatly.

I have been teaching off and on for almost 20 years. I have worked with adults, children, and whole families and each person is built different, has strength in distinct parts of the body and I focus on teaching the fundamentals of the swing tailored to those distinct aspects of each person. I have had physical ailments with my legs and spine and have had enormous success working with others that have physical limitations and showing how to work with and around your limitations. The only constant that I keep the same with everyone I teach is the mood. I like to keep things lighthearted and easygoing. If you are enjoying yourself then you are the most open to the ideas shown to you.

The most satisfaction as a teacher comes from that first shot that a student hits where what you have been working on all clicks. You see it in their face and their eyes, they just get it. There is no greater satisfaction to me as an instructor then at that moment.

I am excited to be your new Head Golf Professional here at Las Positas and look forward to building many new relationships through the years.

Individual - 1/2 Hr Lesson $75 $60
Series of (5) - 1/2 Hr Lesson $350 $275
1 Hour Individual $125.00 N/A

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